Thursday, April 9, 2009

If you want to know the Time ask a Policeman.

Those were the days!
Those were the days when the policeman knew everyone on his beat, or patch as the modern day constable would refer it as. The bicycle was then the mode of transport for the village constable. Even the Station Sergeant would ride a bicycle when making his rounds. Even in Maidenhead the only person in the lower ranks that had a car was a Detective Sergeant, and that was a Morris 8. The big Wolseley with its silver Winkworth Bell were for the Flying Squad and Highway patrols such as the Bath Road.

If as a little boy you were caught stepping out of line and you managed to escape the constable, he would always catch up with you in the end when you least expected it. Which was usually a good dressing down or tongue lashing, or he would say, "Do I tell your father?" As they would most likely meet up in one of the village pubs, or on the allotments. As they were all keen gardeners. Such were the Easton's, Tocock's, Holumby's and of course not forgetting every ones friend Joe Tubb.

Mind you it always seemed that they rode their bicycles at the same pace, whether they were on patrol, or going to the scene of a fire. I remember that on Widbrook Fair Day, a constable would always be on duty to check that everything was done according to law. The others being the Hayward and the Council Clerk.

Yes, and every policeman carried a pocket watch!

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