Friday, January 23, 2009

Sutton Allotments



Paris brought up the subject of a growing rabbit population on these plots, which from my observation and guess most likely will be from a warren located in the south east corner, which is the bottom right of the photograph. I may be wrong but that is the most likely spot where they are holed up.

This has to be one of the most fertile allotment garden plots for miles around and must have been growing food for the villagers for at least 100 years. I know for a fact that it is over 75 years old. The fee structure has changed I know, but in the 1930's it was rented at 5/- shillings for five pole. Now for those who are not aware, a pole measure is 5½ yards by 5½ yards. So the length of a five pole plot was 27½ yards in length. A ten pole plot was rented at 10/-. My father ran a total of 15 poles growing mainly main crop potatoes, which use to last us right through the winter.

I notice that there is still quite an area still vacant at the east end. It is a wonder that the council has not suggested to the village that a group be formed to use this ground to grow maincrop potatoes. They could pay the council a fair rent, and use the services of a local contractor like Peter Taylor and his sons to till the ground. All they would be required to do is to plant and harvest the crop when the time came. This is not a new idea, it has been done elsewhere. In the end you share out the crop between the members.