Thursday, April 9, 2009

When Rinso was King, and Oxydol was Queen.

When your white's were
Whiter than White!

Many a Monday morning wash was hung out to dry in Cookham using these clothes localy made clothespins or pegs by Gypsy Bands that roamed the countryside in their Vardo’s. These pins were crafted from young willow branches that were pealed and cut in four to five inch lengths and the metal bands made from used tin cans and carpet tacks as nails. Then the peg was split and the inside shaved to a taper. Then the finished pin or peg was slipped onto a thin willow wand of six on either side and given to the womenfolk to hawk around the houses in the village.

This rural craft may soon be lost. That is why it has been posted in the history blog. Some may ask how does he know all this. The thing is, that as a young lad I was taught to be very observant by my elders.

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