Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Astor's from 1906.

A birds eye view of Cliveden.
I have now given the followers of this blog, a thumbnail sketch of the background of both, Waldorf William Astor and Nancy Witcher Langhorne, and now take up the story from their marriage in 1906, and their life at Cliveden, Plymouth, and their development of both the Cliveden Stud and White Place Farm.
The young married couple on taking over Cliveden, really threw themselves into running and organising the place with things that they wanted to do. To help Waldorf with the estate and the newly acquired White Place Farm they engaged as their agent and manager a Captain Pepper, not much is known of this gentleman, except he oversaw the building of the Stud farm, and several new barns and cow sheds at White Place Farm. During the remodelling of the farm, two North American silos made of Western Red Cedar were erected. With this shipment came in tremendous amount of cedar railing and fenceposts, to fence off the fields and paddocks for use by future racehorses. I will go into this in greater depth further on in the saga.
On top of all this Waldorf got interested in politics, and it seemed that Nancy was always there at his side to help.

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