Saturday, August 7, 2010

A visit to Mrs. Evans old classroom.

Mrs. Evans classroom revisited.



This is the classroom where my formal education first saw the light of day as Roll # 1189 on the 30th of April 1935, together with Muriel Stone, Joan Marshall and Jean Margaret Hursey.

In those far off days we sat in regimented rows of desks, two to a desk. By the time we left that classroom at the end of July, 1937. we had learnt to print and to write in script lettering, we could read from the whole range of Beacon Readers and had completed a whole range of handicraft skills.

Mrs. Evans, also had a young assistant teacher, a Miss Collins, who drove over from Windsor every day in her little Austin Seven. Between the five and six year old's there was a cream coloured curtain for certain subjects. Then it was drawn back for other joint subjects.

Gone of course is the old pot bellied stove that use to heat the whole class and also heat our daily bottle of milk from White Place Farm in the winter time.

Today as you see in the video learning has taken on a casual approach from our days of learning by rote. I still thank and praise my teachers in my formal education for the drilling and care they gave. Even my youngest son remembers my drilling him with his times table and mental math, and he agrees that it paid off. No calculators in school in those days, the closest thing I ever came to use was a slide rule.