Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Thames Sailing Barge

The Thames Sailing Barge.

There has been quite a discussion of late on the barge traffic on the Thames. There was up until 1939 quite a few Thames sailing barges in use from the Port of London and other ports on the east coast, some even went across the channel to Holland, where they were able to navigate the Dutch canal system.

The last Thames sailing barge that I saw on the Thames was moored to the island just across river from the Thames Hotel in Maidenhead and just down stream from “The Iron Duke,” which was the Maidenhead Navy Cadets training vessel. It was minus its mast, though it still had its leeboards. Most of these barges have been converted to private pleasure use.

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Pan Pan said...

This is a Dutch "Tjalk"Barge rather than a Thames Sailing Barge. The shape is much more rounded and the rig, at least on this one, is much different to the current fleet.
I would be happy to supply images of Thames Barges if you e mail me at - no charge!