Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Cookham Village "Dad's Army."

Dad's Army Headquarters.
I now take you back 52 years when this building behind the “The Crown” was the home of Cookham Village platoon of “Dad’s Army” better known as the Home Guard, but in the first instance was named “The Land Defense Volunteers” or LDV on their arm bands. It also was the home of the Cookham Army Cadets.

The reason for my sudden switch to this building is that it may be by now not even recognizable with the present modernization of The Crown. I seem to remember that most segments of the Home Guard were associated with public houses as their base of operation. Cookham Village Platoon for the most part did guard duty on the two bridges. They were the Toll Bridge and The Railway Bridge. Plus they also had some input with The Upper Thames Patrol, between Cookham & Marlow Locks.

I did cover the Cookham Army Cadets earlier in this blog with their photograph taken on The Moor just outside the pub.

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