Monday, February 6, 2012

The Dingle, Maidenhead Court.

The Dingle,
Maidenhead Court.
It is amazing how much change can take place over a seventy-year period. The house above was known as “The Dingle.” The one time home of a Miss Russen, a retired London West End milliner, who lived there with her long time housekeeper Maggie. The house at that time was shrouded from the road by a line of laurels and it was plain brickwork and not white.

Miss Russen was a very kind person and very much resembled the actress Margaret Rutherford. and also went walking with her little Yorkshire terrier “Shrimp.” When Shrimp died of old age, she replaced it with another one called “Ting-a-ling.” When Maggie passed away, Miss Russen sold up and moved into a retirement home for gentlefolk.

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