Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lost Spencer Landscape

Widbrook Stream 1934.
Somewhere in this world is a missing landscape painting by the late Sir Stanley Spencer. The photo above is showing the same scene of the painting, except there would be leaves on the willow trees. As he often called them one of his "Pot Boilers." who were then sold on by Dudley Tooth his agent at that time.

Why do I know so much about this painting. I am the only person still living that remembers Stanley painting this particular landscape, as it was only located about 200 yards from my old home at Widbrook.

Stanley grew up with my father and his sisters, living just across the road from my grandfather's Ovey's Farm in the village high street. Quite often he would visit my Aunt Amy Field on a Sunday afternoon for tea, where a lot of reminiscing of old village life would take place.

If someone knows where this oil painting is today, please let the Spencer Gallery in Cookham know, so that they may update a hole in their records.

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