Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sartins Family Shop 1887.

The Sartin's Family Shop 1887.
Way back before the days of Supermarkets, the folks living in the three Cookham's relied very much on shopkeepers like the Sartin family to supply them with their household dry goods requirements for their basic needs such as flour, sugar and dried fruit. Together with household cleaning materials, such as polish, washing soda and bluing for the laundry and of course oil for the oil lamps in the house.

The Sartin's had four daughters who are pictured in the photo above together with their mother. Right from a very tender age these girls would help in the family business by running errands and collecting orders from the larger houses in the area. Also they would have to help with keeping house and to cook under their mothers watchful eye, ready for the day when they to would get married.
I have only once in my travels come across the name Sartin. That was down in Yetminister, Dorset. Where one of the well known group called "The Yettie's," had a member with the name "Bonny Sartin."

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