Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sir Isaac Pocock

Sir Isaac Pocock Memorial.
Isaac married Ann Brown of Cookham (Berkshire), widow of Peter Joye. He retired from active service and the two settled down on the Joye estate at Biggin Hall in Benefield, Northamptonshire. Two years later, Isaac rose to be sheriff of that county and the great service he had provided for his country was further recognised when he was given a knighthood.
In later years, Sir Isaac and Lady Pocock moved to the latter’s home parish. They built a large house alongside the Thames, near Maidenhead Bridge, called ‘Ray Lodge’ where they lived until their deaths. Sir Isaac is best remembered locally for having headed up the campaign against the enclosure of common land in Cookham, thus saving Widbrook and other lands for the peasant population        
.In 1810, Sir Isaac suffered a heart attack and died whilst punting on the Thames, near his home. The memorial plaque above the family vault where he is buried in Holy Trinity Church depicts his dying moments. 

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