Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holy Trinity School 75 years of change.

Holy Trinity School 75 years of change.
The pen and ink sketch above is one I drew in the summer of 1998 when visiting Cookham from my then home in Templecombe in Somerset. I drew in the existing school building, but leaving out any additions that had been made since the 1930’s - 40’s and included those missing items from memory. I remember well the orchard next door, when in season there were wonderful apples, plums and walnuts to be scrumped! One pair of twin boys named David & Tom were the bane of Mrs. Adams life, always in trouble with the police.

Now of course the school has grown like “Topsy.” with the ever expanding village population. Mind you the playground area was all asphalt, both to the north and south of the school. I now observe that what looks like astro-turf has been added to the play area.
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