Sunday, December 2, 2012

A 160 Years of change-1

A 160 years of change - 1.
Now that I am in possession of some 160 year old ordinance survey maps I thought it would be a good idea to produce maps of the same approximate areas so that you can note the changes. As I have said before people change far more often compared with the topography of an area. Place names change over time due to spelling of the day being more phonetic. The area I have chosen to start with is a portion west of Cliveden Reach and going as far as Widbrook Common east. The names of the field areas that I have named on the photo map are those given on the White Place Farm map 60 years ago.
You will also notice that the area I have name Tumulus you will note that it was named Bartle Meade, This we are told in history is where a battle was fought during the Danish incursion into England. There was up until the early 1950’s two low Tumulus mounds in what was then permanent pasture. These were flattened when the field system was enlarged to what we have today Of course the area known today as Battle Meade has been reduced to a small area south of Widbrook Park, previously known as “The Islet.”
The word Southey, depicted on the photo map as Upper and Lower covered you will find, a greater area back in 1852 back into what is now known as Maidenhead Court and the Sheephouse Farm.

Two other fields on the photo map called Upper & Lower Gardeners were made up from the two Southey fields by the first Lord Astor as summer grazing for his stud brood mares, as were two fields just south of Moor Hall. So these changes took place in the early 1900’s. These particular fields have been covered in a previous page of this blog.
The same area in 2012.
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