Monday, May 13, 2013

Yes! You can have floods in the Summer in Cookham.

Yes! You can have floods in the Summer in Cookham.

1903 Flood quotation from The London Illustrated News on the 27th of June, 1903.
The Thames Valley presented an extraordinary appearance after the rain; bungalows were isolated, meadow-land, streets and roads, inundated. The river was so high that the steamers were unable to pass the bridges and the stream so powerful that boating became a danger. Eton oarsmen, unable to practise, will probably not be represented at Henley.
This photo is taken of Cookham Moor by the newspaper photographer and in the words of the reporter; “that this scene was between the station and the town.”


This photo shows two punts in Ferry Lane right by the Hedsor turning.

This is The Moor in Maidenhead showing Cox Brothers Builders Yard to the left.
So you can see that floods do not occur only during the Winter and Spring. With many thanks to the London Illustraded News for the photographs and write up.
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