Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Bulk Tea Chest Story.

The Bulk Tea Chest Story.
I have noticed that over the past few years that a lot of people have come to realize that when they purchase their groceries in fancy packaging that they are paying for all the glit and glamour, and for what? If the contents of the packages had been sent to the store in bulk, the cost would greatly reduced. This takes me back to when the village had two grocery shops of Budgen’s and The International. Both of these shops received a lot of their goods in bulk, which the staff used to package and weigh before placing on the shelves. One of these commodities of course was tea, which came in large plywood chests. Plywood tea chests was something that I, as little boy was always looking for empty ones, to turn into rabbit hutches. How they were built will follow in the next blog.

As my breeding stock grew I was always looking for more hutches. So I would go to Budgen’s and ask the manager Stan Boon or his assistant Mont Lacey, if they had an empty tea chest that I could have. For task of sweeping the stock room floor I got an empty tea chest, which I would then carry home to Widbrook.

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