Thursday, October 10, 2013

From Vegetables to Pots.

From Vegetables to Pots.
This little shop I remember back in the 1930’s and right through to the end of the war was a little Greengrocers run by a Mrs. Smythe. Tom, her husband use to work at White Place Farm as a general farm labourer. I remember at harvest time he was very skilled with the use of a scythe, as the workmen use to cut ten foot swath around the field to make room for the horse drawn binder to cut the crop without walking over the standing wheat ,oats or barley.
When Tom retired, Mrs. Smythe also gave up her shop and they moved away. It was then that Reg and Maggie Moon moved into the shop and Reg set up his small pottery business. I remember well that visitors to Cookham used to stand and watch Reg throwing his ware on the potter’s wheel as he sat by the window. He also took orders from people on making that special something for someone as a present. Since Reg and Maggie left for Henley on Arden, the shop has had several owners, mainly in the boutique area of merchandise.

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