Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Hatch Family of Oveys Farm.

The Hatch Family of Oveys Farm.
We now get down to looking at some of my Hatch ancestors who lived and worked the last farm in the village itself. One thing that I did not mention in my recording was the empty beer barrels in the bottom right of the photo. From information handed to me by my father and my aunts, that he was a great one to entertain his friends with a barrel of beer always on tap. From other information I have gained, was the fact my grandmother did not approve of his little parties in the barn!


Sim Adams said...

Many thanks, My father sent this to me. Very interesting. Simon

Mike Copland said...

Just listened to the recording re the Hatch family at Oveys Farm. I'm currently working on a project re the Great War for next year's Cookham Festival and would love to have some contact re this. What relation was the Owen William Hatch who was killed in the war? And interested also in Frederick Whitmore who died at sea. And interested in hearing from anyone else reading this who has information about Cookham families who lost members in the war. Mike Copland (