Sunday, July 27, 2014

Historical Cookham is Six years old.

Six Years Old.
On the 1st of August, 2014. The Historical Cookham Blog will be celebrating its sixth birthday. It has just passed the 120,000 mark of people checking in to look up historical information. At this time I would like to thank all those good friends that helped me in my research and provided maps and very old photographs.
We have also advanced in posting information in posting still photos, to now using YouTube and audio information. We have not come to the end yet as information and photos with topics still keep arriving.



Caroline Moore said...

Hi, we are doing some family history and are trying to find out about my Father, Micheal Martin and some other people. We are trying to find out about Alice & Jack Cormell who worked at White Place Farm also another lady name Elsie Martin this would have been around 1930's or before. I don't know if these names mean anything to you but we are trying to unravel a conundrum from that period.
Thank You

JaneyT said...


I'm trying to reach former pupils of Herries Prep School in Cookham Dean during the years 1960 -1968. I am a former pupil. Would love to be able to get some more information on the school.

Thanks so much, brilliant blog by the way!

Janey Thompson
Formerly of the Abbotsbrook Bourne End

Unknown said...

I came upon this site whilst looking for information on Vincent Ruggiero, who was an artist who lived in Cookham, and I believe, ran the Copper Kettle cafe around the 60's /70's

I have two original oil paintings of his. Coincidentally, one is an original oil that he did of Widbook Common and the cottage there, circa 1970. The other is of Cookham Church, commissioned by my parents in memory of my brother Christopher King who was buried there in 1972. I feature aged 11 on a bench in the picture.

I'd love to find out more about Vincent Ruggiero and his work. I lived in Cookham with my parents David and Betty during the late 60's and early 70's.

Thank you

Tracy King

Chris Price said...

As someone who grew up on the edge of Widbrook Common, I was utterly speechless to find these references. (John) Peter and Kay Stubberfield were very good friends of my parents and shared he same lane access to their house. I have always had a ystic attraction for the Bugatti 35b and there is a photo of me aged ?? sitting in one in the Stubberfields living room...yes his car@sfr.frs lived indoors !! I also went to Herries in the Kenneth Greham house next to the wild wild wood!
My name is Chris PRICE...I was born in 1951 and we lived in the strange tall house on the edge of the had two "bulges" and bizarre round roofs???
I remember well the Copper Kettle, Stanley Spencer, Cookham High Street with only one van in it (that of Mr Simms ) etc etc. Contact me if you share any of these memories :
Speak soon ?? Thanks ....

Chris Price said...

That should read "mystical" ....and quite why my email address is copied into a sentance is beyond me ...!!

Colin scott Berrett said...

I came across this site looking for information about 'The Two Roses' in Cookham, once owned by my long time friend, the painter Vincent Ruggiero who died in Eastbourne on October 2nd this year aged 91 years. I have just written a tribute for Vincent's funeral and would be happy to e-mail a copy of his funeral leaflet to Tracey King if she sends me her e-mail address.
This includes a short resume of Vincent's life story. Which I hope will be of interest.

If anyone has details and photos of 'The Two Roses' I would be interested to hear and maybe also 'The Copper Kettle" please.

Kind regards.

Colin Berrett.

Philippa King said...

Dear Colin Berrett,

I was much saddened by your news of Vincent's passing. I was hoping to be able to meet him, especially as he seems to have lived near me in Sussex.

I'd love a copy of your tribute, thank you.

In huge appreciation

Tracy King