Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Jewell's arrive in Cookham.

Wisteria Cottage.
The move to Cookham.

Around the end of the war Joan and Christine moved to live with her in-laws and was joined by Sidney on de-mob from the Royal Navy. By 1947 they were looking for a home of their own with the arrival of their second child, a boy, David. Both Joan and Sidney had fallen in love with Cookham and came back looking for a house. They were lucky to find “Durlston” in High Road, Cookham Rise. So with a little five-year-old girl and a baby boy in tow, they came to make Cookham their home in 1947.

Sidney was able to work from home, and was able to ship his finished artwork off via rail from Cookham Station. As I have mentioned before he was a technical artist and most of his work was completed from photographs. The finished work was wrapped in brown paper and string, most of the time arrived at the destination in perfect shape. Of course there was the odd shipment that came back to be reworked or replaced.

The sketch of Wisteria Cottage is one of Sidney’s collection of village buildings.

As I have mentioned all of Sidney’s work was completed from his High Road home. The sketch above was most likely commissioned by the Haig Whiskey Company for a billboard advertisement.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I remember mis-hearing the cottage's name , when I first came to the village one autumn .
So now I always think of it as Hysteria Cottage .