Thursday, June 18, 2009

Village Forge Watercolour

A Jewell Watercolour.
During his first few years in Cookham Sidney was kept quite busy with commissions coming in from mainly London and other places in the UK, with the odd commission from abroad. Although he held a drivers license, his family never knew him to drive in Cookham. He preferred to walk everywhere he went and his camera at the ready.

It was his wife Joan, who was the driver in the family, who could be seen driving around the village in her little green two-door Vauxhall. Also in 1952 Diana the third addition to the Jewell family appeared on the scene.

The majority of Sidney’s work was scraperboard art for the commercial market. His free time work was in pencil sketches, quite a few can be found in: where he worked very closely with Desmond Atkinson of village Pantomime fame.

The painting above is of a much later vintage after Sidney retired and was able to walk around the three Cookham’s at will. It is painted after Tom Emmett had given up the forge and Mr. E.A. Knight had moved his garage from the top of the high Street and Sutton Road.

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