Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Footbaths.

The Cattle Footbath.

I am am now going to describe the 1937 purpose built Milking Parlour by Gascoigne's of Reading, who were at that time leaders in the business. My coverage of this building will be in several stages, as it was quite complex.

One thing that was first and foremost with this model farm was the health of the cattle and their mobility and foot health. In the beginning, this unit was used to milk the herd three times a day. Each time after milking the cows had to exit via a back corridor and walk-through of foot bath like the one in the picture above.

This foot bath was about 6 inches deep, and was filled with a solution of copper sulphate; this was to keep foot problems and lameness to minimum. The condition of the liquid was maintained daily, with a complete change and scrub out weekly.
The footbaths are located as number 13 on the farm map.

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