Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Milk Delivery Van in Building #8.

The Milk Delivery Van.
The photo above is a likeness of the vehicle, except the rear door was a roll up.
From the time when the White Place cattle became fully tested and free from tuberculosis. The 30 cwt chocolate brown Bedford van became part of the daily delivery of milk to the schools. Not only in Cookham, but also of those, in the western part of the London County Council as well.
The farm van and lorry driver was Cecil Platt, who lived up in Cookham Rise. he would start to make his deliveries very early in the morning, so that he had completed his round before the schools opened at 9 o'clock in the morning.
This service continued up until the beginning of the Second World War, when most of the LCC children were evacuated to the country. Milk was delivered to the local schools until about 1943, at which time the milk was delivered to Brittens Dairies in Maidenhead and later to Jersey Farm Dairies when the two dairies amalgamated.
Another job this van use to do was to deliver garden produce, and fruit to Cliveden House along with a supply of fresah milk and cream. Around the time that the farm and the estate split to having two managers, that Cecil left and the van was sold, because the daily milk churn deliveries were made by Ferguson tractor and trailer.
Building #8. then became a mechanics workshop.

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FamilyHistory72 said...

Cecil Platt was my Great Uncle and he worked for Lord Astor's estate.