Thursday, June 10, 2010

What the youth did in Cookham 60 odd years ago.

The Maidenhead Rowing Club.
Beyond the parapet of the Maidenhead Bridge and next to the Rivera Hotel was the old home of the Maidenhead Rowing Club Boathouse, on top of which was the Rowing Clubs Clubhouse. Where on a Friday night as a rule one could dance to a six piece live band. It was not only the Rowing Club Members, that attended but, it was the meeting place for all the young people of the area to attend.
A frequent attendee at these dances was a young teenager with an MG. Later in life he became well known world wide, together with his young sister Pat. Today of course he is well remembered in Motor Racing circles. Yes, of course I am referring to Sir Stirling Moss, when they lived in Bray at "Long White Cloud." This was before the family moved to Tring. Pat was a regular contender at all the local Horse Shows and later in life became a well known lady Rally Driver.
Of course the club grew in size of membership and now is located just across the river to its new home which you are just able to see in the photo above. Two other locations for dancing at the weekends on a Saturday was the old Town Hall in Maidenhead High Street, across the junction of Market Street. The other was The Drill Hall in Marlow Road, which tended to favour the lovers of Old Time Dancing.
All of these dances had live bands which could be booked for 4 hours of music for six pounds! The usual price to attend was 2/6, yes, two shillings and sixpence. There was no such thing as canned music. Music was either on 78rpm, 331/3rpm or 45rpm records, the later two were just coming on the market.


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I found a plate
with purple and yellow flowers on front along with some type of emblem that pictures two dogs?? one beneath the other, tongues out, on a red background.
Also on front are the words "fortis valore et armis" and cursive letters E,R.
The back has the word Hatch and underneath "strong through valor and weapons.Can you give some insight on this plate.