Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HTS Infants class (circa) early 1920's.

Infants Class (circa) early 1920.
This photograph is of a much younger Mrs. Evans. That is why I have put the date at around 1920, though it could have been much earlier. Just think if any of these children that are still living, it would put them in their ninety's and most likely great grand parents now, and what stories they can tell I am sure.
One or two of those features are quite fuzzy. This is due to the slowness of the quicksilver on the glass plates and the length of the exposure required. It quite remarkable at the progress of photography in a 90 year period, from glass plates to digital photography.
I will attempt to bring you close ups of some of the students next time, those who are not too pixelated in the enlarging process.