Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mrs. Evans, HTS 1935-36

Mrs. Evans (Infants) 1935-37.

This is the only photograph that I have been able to obtain of any of my school teachers, and this with grateful thanks to Mrs. Evans grandaughter who sent me this. Going back in memory I now know that this very kind and gentle lady taught me a great deal in my first two years at school. In my first year, how to print and write figures. Also I was introduced to the famous series of Beacon Readers. In the second year the consentration was to write in script, so by the time we left her classes for Mrs Snapes classes in 1937 as a seven year old we all wrote in script.
Another field we were taught was "Handicraft." I remember the first thing I made was a red and yellow raffia change purse for my mother as a Christmas present. Then of course as I have mentioned in an earlier blog that we had singing lessons and taught poetry, which of course came in use for the school concert in 1936 at the Pinder Hall.