Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gwen Pinder Brown

Gwen Pinder Brown.
The name of Pinder Brown is well known by the older members of the village community, besides the Pinder Hall built by her father in memory of her mother, Gwen Pinder Brown filled in as her fathers able assistant in her mothers place.

Her organizational abilities were second to none through out her life in the village. One position I remember she took on very well was that of a School Governor, and on a regular basis she would sweep into the classroom to count the children and sign the attendance register.

Her style of dress never changed though all the time that I knew her, that of a 1920’s debutante. She was an excellent speaker with a clear and precise delivery of thought.

During the war she was very much involved with the WVS and of course the Women’s Institute was one of her lifetime loves.

The last I heard of this great lady was that she was in a care home for gentle folk in Eastbourne in Sussex and she was well into her ninety’s at that time.

She never married, although several times village gossip would suggest that this beau or that beau was taking an interest.

Gwen Pinder Brown, who like her parents did so much for the village and not to be forgotten.

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