Sunday, February 6, 2011

WWII Ration Book.

WWII Ration Book.
I recently received a long newsy letter from Dennis Newland now living in Perth, Western Australia. As a young boy he and his family were living in Ellington Park during the war. He also remembers the Maidenhead Isolation Hospital where he and his sister ended up when she came down with Scarlet Fever, also know as Scarletina. Also walking to school past an area known as “Three Fields.” Picking and munching on Blackberries when they were in season.

Above is an example of a wartime Ration Book. Actually there were three different types of Ration Books in use:

A Green covered one, which was issued for children under five years of age.

A Blue covered one, for children of school age up to the age of eighteen.

A Buff covered one, which was for adults and supplement, for use when having to travel and stay away from home.

If any readers like Dennis would to share their wartime experiences living in the Maidenhead-Cookham area, I would like to hear from them along with any photos that you may have. This applies to children and grand children who would like to relay their parents and grandparent’s stories, before they are lost forever.

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