Saturday, May 5, 2012

Miss M. Denial (Land Girl)

Miss Margaret Denial, Land Girl.
In my research and memories of local history, it is funny how little things turn up to bring old thoughts flooding back of the 1940’s and wartime Britain.

Recently I received an e-mail from a Brian Denial in South Yorkshire asking me if I remembered a young land army girl named Margaret Denial who worked for a Mr. Hatch at Sheephouse Farm, near Maidenhead. I was happy to tell him yes that I remembered quite well.

The year was 1942 when Margaret, a sixteen year old arrived at the farm all the way from her home in Sheffield to work on the land. Her brother told me that she still lives on the outskirts of Sheffield, now an 86 year old, widow and a grandmother. I remember even that with all the attention the young men around Maidenhead Court paid her, she was very homesick for Sheffield and eventually the Land Army moved her back to a farm closer to her home.

Now after all these years, this story can now be told.

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