Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wings for Victory Week.

Wings for Victory Week.
Just over seventy years ago during the “Wings for Victory.” Savings drive the school choir of The Cookham Rise Secondary Modern School, put on a concert in the Pinder Hall under the direction of the headmaster Mr. G.H. Wood, and assisted by Miss Graham. Besides the plays and skits that were put on, as closing piece we sang this song “Lords of the Air.” I have looking for the longest time for the lyrics by Michael North and Davy Burnaby. Now at last I have found them. I remember we sang the ballad twice and on the second refrain the whole audience stood up and joined in.


The British Empire proudly stands
As in the days of old,
Our fathers fought o’er land and sea.
Their history is told,,
In our new battlefield the sky,
Prepared to do or dare,
Let this be our new battle cry,
“Britannia rules the air.”


England is our island home,
Land of the free,
England unconquered yet,
O’er land or sea,
Lord of the heav’ns above,
Answer our prayer.
God keep Britannia’s sons,
Lords of the Air.

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