Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A young man's tranport in 1920.

A young man's transport in 1920.
98 years ago this 1920 Douglas motorcycle was every young man’s dream of transport. At that time my father had returned from the 1914-18 war to resume his chosen profession of a Journeyman Slaughter-man/Butcher. He travelled from slaughter house to slaughter house.  In Cookham of course, where he served his apprenticeship. Also to Bourne End, Marlow, and Maidenhead, in West Street. So to get from Cookham to the various slaughterhouses he bought a motorcycle like the one above.
Even into the 1930’s I remember he was still active as a slaughter man for Ernie Colliass, at the slaughter house on the Parade in Bourne End. During the war he was still quite active at the busy slaughter house in West Street in Maidenhead. Also at that time he was managing the J.H. Dewhurst shop at 95 the High Street. Now long gone.
He rode the motorcycle up until he married my mother as she was not in favour of him riding one, plus other forms of transport was now available.

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