Saturday, January 31, 2015

This happened 63 years ago

This was top of the hit parade 62 years ago, and what was known as a 15 minute wonder. It is called “It’s in the book.”

So turn up your sound and enjoy.

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tallulah ellender said...

Hello, I am doing some research for a book I'm writing and would love to get in touch to see if you might be able to locate the front door of a house my mother lived in in Cookham! Her family house was knocked down in the 1960s and she kept only the unusual front door, which she put into storage somewhere locally. When she bought her first house she went back for the door some time later, but it was gone. I'm trying to find it. Any information on local builders/ storage yards in the mid 1960s would be hugely welcome.
Many thanks in advance!