Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aircraft Crashes in Cookham Rise in 1938

COOKHAM’S gas supply had a narrow escape when the engine of this R.A.F. Hawker Hart stalled and the plane crashed. Sgt. Lewis of the R.A,F. Reserve, White Waltham just managed to miss the village gas container and landed in a field the plane overturned. He was only slightly hurt.
This the photo and caption taken from the Maidenhead Advertiser in 1938. Only a year before on which is now is a housing estate and the Alfred Major playing field. there was a very large air show, with wing walking, parachute jumping. For 5/- you could get a flight over Cookham. This was all put on by the first World War air ace Sir Alan Cobham.
Another fact that comes to mind is that the Hawker Hart it was the same aircraft that Douglas Bader lost his legs at Woodley Aerodrome.


Peter said...

The aircraft depicted is a Hawker AUDAX. It was similar to the HART, but had many minor differences. It was originally an Army Co-operation aircraft, but by 1938 was probably in a training role.

MGCP said...

Douglas Bader was flying a Bristol Bulldog when he crashed at Woodley Aerodrome in 1931.