Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Once people lived here

Up until about 1938 there were four cottages standing with their gardens laid out as per the coloured blocks. Between the garden and the road there was a low brick wall about four feet in height with a domed brick top. This is shown as "A" in the photo below. If anyone has any old photographs of these cottages, please contact Pam Knight, our village historian who would love a copy I am sure.

"B" marks the house of another longtime resident of Cookham." The Briggs Family" who lived in "Walnut Trees." They had one son Michael Featherstone Briggs who was a pilot officer in the RAF a member of #41 Squadron and was shot down and killed on the 2nd of April 1941. The family had a memorial seat made and it can be found just behind the "Tarrystone" indicated by the mark "C."

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