Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oveys Farm in the High Street

This photgraph was taken about a year before my grandfather died in 1915. The barn on the right, now long demolished was where he and his friends used to have a barrel of beer and hold their, "Smoking Parties". One member would keep an eye on the kitchen door through a knot-hole to make sure my grandmother was nowhere in sight, as she did not approve such goings on. My father related to me as the beer in the barrell went down, the singing got louder. My grandfather's two favourite songs were, "The fly be on the Turnip" and "Buttercup Joe."


sarah castle said...

Can you tell me what land your grandfather farmed at Oveys Farm? In Gilbert Spencer's memoir of His brother Stanley he mentioned the cows in the barn. This puzzled me as the Farm, situated in the High Street, seems to be entirely surrounded by buildings. The Harrises lived there in my day.

Historical Cookham said...

There were quite a few fields that he had that was sold to the Astor's and became White Place Farm.


James Hatch

Robert Nash said...

Army Captain Walter Colby Earle and his wife Eliza Julia Earle lived at Ovey's farm house before his death in 1915 - his name is on the Cookham war memorial.He is said to have connections to Cookham although described as a Hartfordshire Earle can anyone throw any light on what that connection might be.
His wife Eliza died in 1942 in Cookham in a house called Westward which I think is in Berries Road that lies by the Crown ( at one time Chequers ) pub.My ancestors are Hertfordshire Earles.

Maidenhead Berkshire