Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flood Control History.

Flood Control History.

Back in the prewar days of the Thames Conservancy the management of the Thames Streams and Tributaries were an ongoing part of water management and flood control.

There were several teams of men who every couple of years would come along with very long handled rakes and clear Widbrook Stream of weed and rush growth. Then every five years or so, an excavator or a dragline would be used to remove the build up of silt in the streambed. A dragline would always be used on Strand Water and The Fleet, due to the long reach and great depth that was required.

The Thames Conservancy knew that it was impossible to stop severe floods, but to aid the flow of water was one way by keeping all streams clear.
The picture above is an old “Priestman Excavator” which was one of the tools the Thames Conservancy used.

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