Monday, December 8, 2008

The Miles Master Air Crash

The Miles Master Advanced Trainer.

In the photo map below you will see the fields and hedgerows as they were in the days back when this story happened. The second photo is of the fields as they are now.

It was during the early to mid part of August in 1941 when a pilot flying a Miles Master Advance Trainer out of RAF Woodley, encountered engine failure over Cookham and crash landed or rather “Pan-caked” in a remote and secluded field at White Place Farm.

Fortunately, for the pilot he was able to walk away unscathed from the plane which had landed in a field of ripening wheat. He was glad of a cup of tea that my Aunt Amy Field gave him while he waited for my cousin John to cycle to the Police Station to inform them, and for the RAF to come and pick him up.

The army moved in and set up a Bell Tent on the edge of the field to guard the aircraft for about ten days. As the wheat was close to harvest, the RAF waited until the binder had been in and cut the crop. Then the fun began!

Airframe mechanics to disassemble the plane by first removing the wings and then the engine, which was hoisted on to a small dolly, due to the fact that the farm gates and turning points were very narrow. After several days the several parts made it to the farmyard where the RAF managed to bring in an arctic trailer to load all the parts on and cover with a large tarpaulin.

As it was school holiday time we were told to keep what we had seen to ourselves. So now it is more than sixty years ago, I guess this story can now be told.

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Frances Castle said...

What a great blog! I have forwarded your address on to my Mum who grew up in Cookham, in case you don't notice them she has left you some comments under "The Revd B. H. Hayward-Browne B.A"
I shall be checking back daily!