Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wartime Visitors to White Place Farm in 1942.

Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon visit White Place Farm.
It was summer Sunday afternoon I was visiting with my school chum Geoff Emmett and were around the miking parlour when the Hon. Bill Astor walked in with a lady and gentleman, who we did not know who they were, all we knew that they were not dressed for walking around a farmyard. The lady asked us both if were evacuees from London and we said no. They then continued on with their conducted tour.
It was not until sometime later that we found out who they were, and that they were spending the weekend as guests of the Astor Family. This was while they were making the film which is now a classic "Mrs. Miniver".
Where on the Thames did the filming take place I never found out as in those days locations were kept very quiet indeed and nobody ever knew. Even when the film was first released it was nigh impossible to tell as they were using quite a lot of stage sets. Even the armada of small boats were scale filming.
In the picture above is Teresa Wright who also played a lead roll in the film. But the thing is that three film stars from Holywood did visit Cookham during the war.

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