Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bamfords' New Patent LB Haymaker

The best Back-action Haymaker
on the Market. (in 1930)

The Astor's, White Place Farm had one of these units for tedding the hay in the 1930's. Most likely purchased somewhere in the 1920's, as it was far from new when I remember it being used during the haymaking season by Percy Emmett and his black Clydesdale mare Blossom.

Here are some facts about this machine provided to me by the archives of Bamfords' of Utoxeter and Mr. Phillip Wood.

This machine is very light in draught, does perfect work on ridge or furrow, and will deal with the heaviest crops without clogging. The tine drums are driven at the same speed when turning a corner as when driven on the straight. It will tedd two full swaths.

The diamentions of the machine is as follows: Width over fork heads: 5ft. 10ins. Extreme width: 7ft. 3ins.

Price of the unit: £17.0.0. Drivers seat extra: 15/- Note no mention of any delivery charge or VAT!

Once again my thanks to Mr. Phillip Wood and the Bamford Archives.

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