Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sexton's Choirboys Club

Where are they now.
Arthur Cracknell:

After leaving school he joined the Royal Navy. Saw him once or twice when he was on leave visiting his Mother and Father at their cottage on Odney Common.

Peter Cracknell:

He did live after he married in Dad Sexton’s old house in school lane. Played Cricket for Cookham Dean at one time. Last heard of was that he was living in Cookham Dean.

John Vale:

His mother ran a small sweet shop with a shoe repair shop next door, which is now called “Charles Cottage” No idea where they moved to after the war.

Kenneth Stone:

The eldest boy in the Stone family that lived in Black Butts Cottages. He was in and out of Holy Trinity as he lived in Maidenhead part time according to records. Where he is I have no idea.

Bob Court:

His father also Bob, a local farmer and also a member of the church choir. Was last heard of living in North Devon.

Jim Strachan:

There is no information on his whereabouts.

Brian Hatch:

Son of Arthur Hatch, a local coal merchant. Now retired, and living in Marlow.

Bill Clark:

Nobby Clark, on leaving school became an animator with Gaumont Animations at Moor Hall. Then moved to Canada to work with Crawley Films in Ottawa. Then worked freelance until he retired and is now living in Ottawa.

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David Cracknell said...

Thanks for raising a smile... I am David Cracknell... Son of Peter Cracknell, nephew of Arthur Cracknell. Arthur passed on a couple of years ago in Waterlooville, Peter is still very much active living in Berkshire. He still visits Cookham from time to time. He can recall the picture being taken!! you have made his day... Many thanks.