Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Car.

A 1928 Austin Seven in 1948.
Also known as "The Hatch Orange Box on Wheels." This is when one calculated the horse power of an engine as 90cc equaled one horsepower. The engine was a four cylinder side valve with magneto ignition. The fuel was gravity feed to a float chamber carburetor from the fuel tank fixed to the fire wall. It had a three forward and reverse double de-clutch gearbox.

In the picture are three young lads. Jim Hatch at the wheel. On the right, an old school buddy Geoff Emmett, son of Percy and Kit Emmett of White Place farm. Sad to say he was killed in a motor accident at Flackwell Heath. The other lad on the left was a friend of Geoff, whose mother was caretaker at a youth club in Maidenhead. I can't remember his name.

The paddles belongd to a boat that Geoff had on the Thames at that time. Many the time that car took us over to the Royalty cinema at Bourne End on a Saturday. Even drove it to London and around Piccadilly and down The Mall after a dance at the Maidenhead Rowing Club on Saturday night. Ah those heady days of youth!!

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