Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buildings # 33 and #34.

The Herdsman's House.
Building #34 on your farm map was the home of George Hughes the farm herdsman and his wife and two teenage daughters Helen and Betty. It was also the farm office where the herds records were kept and the doorway is marked with the white X. It is where the farm staff wages were brought to every Friday by Mr. Smith from the Cliveden Estate office and were distributed by both Bill Holland the arable foreman and George Hughes to their respective staff.

The Carter's House.
Building #33. I should have said was one of the Carter's homes. This is where Percy and Kit Emmett lived. Their son Geoffery was a chum of mine through school and part of our teenage years. He followed is uncle Larry Smith and became a cabinet maker and carperter. Sadly he died in a motor accident at a very young age.

After the horses were sold off Percy stayed on doing general work, as his knowledge of the farm buildings and drainage system were valuable when changes were made to the farm buildings and their uses.

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