Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Old Granary or Dove Coté, a listed building.

The old Granary or Dove Coté.
Building number 32. on your farm map is today a listed building and has to be preserved as such. The old stables and barn and this building fall into that catagory. Most of the other buildings were built by the Astor's as they perfected their modern model farm.

Ground level view.
Here is a quite recent view of the building as it is today. One can see the curved entrance door on the east side.

Cross section drawing
from memory.

This listed building has served the farm very well down through the years and is unique in its architecture and construction. Yes there was a dove coté at the top of the building. The basement was used for storing maincrop potatoes, as my North American readers know the term "Root Cellar" better. The next level was a grain store for both oats and barley in large wooden bins. There was at one time more oats stored there, as there was quite a large stable of carthorses. Then barley took over when the need for oats decreased and the farm switched to pork and bacon pigs in the later years.

Light on the granary floor was provided by two skylights in the roof sections north and south. The basement was in darkness, so one had to leave the two curved double doors open.