Monday, March 29, 2010

Land West of Sutton Farm.

Land West of Sutton Farm.
White Place Farm at one time extended from Sutton Road as far west as the Maidenhead Road and Lightlands. From a line just south of Danes Manor across to the now demolished Strand Castle, which I supposed could described as a one-time livable folly. The long treed drive was a handy route for farm equipment and labour to reach the land, rather than going around by the village and across the moor. A flat special purpose bridge was built across The Widbrook Stream at the point "X" just north of what is known as Strand Water.
Stud mares and foals were brought across from the Cliveden chain ferry and walked via White Place Farm, down the Avenue and through the Walled-in Garden, across Sutton Road to the summer paddocks of Moor Hall West and East.

This photo above is shown as "A" on the previous photo map, there was a side access opening just down on the left that led into Sutton Farm. This was the route the stable
lads took as to cut down the time when crossing the road with these high spirited animals and their young.

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