Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"The Lodges." White Place Farm.

"The Lodges." White Place Farm.

Thanks to the arrival of "Google View." I am now able to take a much closer look at the village and pick out buildings of historical interest.
"The Lodges." as it was known in the days of the Astor's, was built by them as a grand entrance to their model farm. The building actually consists of four cottages. The two on the left use to house two of the cowmen, and on the right hand side was used by two carters. The one closest to the road was the home of the farms champion ploughman Ted Barrett and his wife, who was known as the village telephone! They also had a daughter named Daisy.
The road leading to the farm was known as "The Avenue." This was given by Lady Astor as she loved the large elm trees that lined either side from the little bridge down. Before they took over the farm it was just a gravel track, until they had it paved with asphalt.