Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Widbrook Nurseries.

Widbrook Nurseries.

To great many in the village Sutton Close has been there for years. Well at one time it was run as a thriving nursery to serve the village with cut flowers in season, also plants and even a tree nursery for those wanting to plant their own trees. It was run by William Turner Gray Hatch, who was my fathers cousin. Also he was well remembered for heading up the village volunteer fire brigade.

Both he and his wife Rosena live at the nursery in a wood frame bungalow built on Staddle stones so that they would be clear of any high flood water, as they were well aware of the height of the flood in the 1890's.

Here is the location of the plots.


"A" was cut flowers.

"B" was the bungalow.

"C" was for bedding plants.

"D" was the tree nursery.

"E" A Monkey Puzzle Tree.

"F" A large greenhouse.

Because of the war and his wartime activities with fire brigade Uncle Bill gave up the nursery and a man called Mr. Hale took it over and ran it as "Hale's Nursery." until it was sold to build Sutton Close

15 Sutton Close.

The only item left from the Widbrook Nursery days is the 80 year old Monkey Puzzle tree that was planted by Uncle Bill to commemorate as he said my arrival in Cookham. I think it was due to the fact in the January of 1930 my parents lost what would have been my elder brother George to melanges, he was 4½ years of age, and he wanted to mark the arrival of another son.
So now the present owner of the house knows the story of the Monkey Puzzle tree, it now being the oldest thing in the Close.

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