Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bell Ringers Outing 1946.

Bell Ringers Outing 1946.
1946 was the first time after the war that the Cookham Bell Ringers were able to arrange a ringers outing to the seaside at Bognor Regis on the August Bank Holiday Monday. That is when the August Bank Holiday was at the beginning of the month and not at the end.
The coach would pick us up at various points in the village and then make its way to All Saints, Boyne Hill in Maidenhead to pick up members of that tower as well, in order that we had a good band able to ring several methods. This was due to the fact that bmost towers were still teaching new members such as myself, and others to ring.
We would stop at a couple of pre-arranged towers on the way there, where we would ring for about 30 minutes. We arrived at Bognor Regis just in time for lunch at a large restaurant for a fish and chip lunch I remember. After lunch we split up and most of the younger members went for a dip in the sea. Then we all met back at the Coach Park around 4.00 p.m. to start our journey home with another couple of towers on the way. The last stop was always a Pub, that was able to take a coach load, for a light refreshment as well as beer for the older members. Then we would all pile back into the coach and arrive back in the village around 10.00 p.m.
The photo above is of yours truly and Peter Cracknell, who started ringing about the same time as I did. The last time I heard of Peter that he was living in Cookham Dean and was a regular playing member of the Cookham Dean Cricket Club.

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