Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Village Funeral Hatchments.

Village Funeral Hatchments.
There was a time in village history when a member of a noteworthy family died a Funeral Hatchment was hung outside their home. It usually comprised of the Coats of Arms of both the husband and the wife. If it was the husband his arms were displayed on the right side and embolden. If it was the wife it was on the left side embolden.

After the funeral these hatchments were hung in the church. There was a time in the last century when the PCC wanted to remove these hatchments, so that the walls would become less cluttered. So on the removal Mr. T.J. Fowler the then Ringing Master ask if he could have them, so that they may be hung for safe keeping in the ringing chamber.

As a young ringer I often wondered which family they represented, together with their Latin inscriptions of "Resurgam". I shall rise again, and also "In Celo Quies". There is rest in heaven.

Except for those members of the bell ringing fraternity who ring the bells every Sunday, those Hatchments still hang within the church walls unseen.

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