Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boys Brigade Drum and Bugle Corps.

Drum and Bugle Corps
of 1937.
When the Plymouth Boys Brigade arrived at Cookham Station, not only did they have to unload their kit bags but, all their drums and bugles as well. After the farm cattle lorry was loaded, the boys lined up on the station approach with their band at the head of the column.

Can you imagine today a column of nearly 90 boys with a band marching with drums beating and bugles blowing all the way through the Pound across the Moor, through School Lane to Sutton Road and all the way to White Place Farm? Luckily in those days cars were very few and did pull over to let the boys pass.

A couple of Sunday's they did march with the band to the 11 o'clock Matins at other times the vicar Rev. B.H. Hayward-Browne would hold a service for them in the camp Mess Tent.

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