Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nicholsons' Brewery.

Nicholsons' Brewery.
I know some will say what has Nicholsons' Brewery in Maidenhead High Street got to do with Cookham?

Well as a matter of fact quite a lot. You would find that both Budgen's and the International Stores carried the whole range of their beers.

At Haymaking and Harvest every farmer in the village would have a barrel of beer on hand for the workers to quench their thirst. Even the Astor's provided beer at White Place.

What actually got me thinking about this beer, was in my last post and my mothers Christmas Puddings. Due to the fact that a couple of pints of Nicholsons' Brown Ale went into the mixture!

I still remember their company slogan on their logo.
"Best in the long run."

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