Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Widbrook Common Ice Rink.

The Widbrook Common
Ice Rink.
There seems to be a lot of talk about an artificial ice rink at Windsor right now. I remember when the villagers were treated to at least two natural ice rinks each winter.

The one on Widbrook Common the depression of which can be seen from space on Google, was always flooded every winter and with a cold snap it did not take long to freeze solid. As it was easy to reach both villagers and people from Maidenhead Court area would come and enjoy Saturday and Sunday afternoon skating.

The other which was a little harder to reach was on Cockmarsh, and as compensation was somewhat larger for those who adapted field hockey sticks and a tennis ball to play a makeshift game of ice hockey.

On Widbrook I remember seeing young ladies cuting beautiful figure of eights. Also pairs skating as if waltzing their way around the pond.

Just think all of this was free for all to enjoy. Ah! I guess I can say those were the days!

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